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Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5

Brand: Samsung
Product Code: Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5
Availability: In Stock

Price: LKR71,500.00 Ex Tax: LKR71,500.00


The high-resolution Super AMOLED display is undoubtedly the tablet's biggest highlight. The screen has been racking up accolades since tablet's announcement for a good reason - it is simply stunning to look at.

The rest of the hardware is not too shabby either. The list of available features includes IR port and fingerprint sensor and is certain to satisfy even the biggest spec sheet junkie, while the new design language will certainly appeal to the Samsung Galaxy S5 owners looking for a matching tablet companion for their smartphone.

GPU performance is one of the major question marks in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 - we found the Mali-T628 GPU to be lacking in flagship-worthy oomph when we tested the smaller Tab S model. We will surely take a close look at how the big brother handle

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