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Artwizz Carplug for iPod/iPhone/iPad/Mac

Artwizz Carplug for iPod/iPhone/iPad/Mac

Brand: Artwizz
Product Code: Carplug for iPod/iPhone/iPad/Ma
Availability: In Stock

Price: LKR2,700.00 Ex Tax: LKR2,700.00


Charge your smartphone or tablet and comfortably in the car on the road.

Whether to recharge the battery or use your iPod, iPhone or iPad on the road during long journeys, the Artwizz Carplug enables you to recharge your iPod, iPhone or iPad in the car at anytime.
The built-in surge protection protects the connected equipment from power surges and damage.

Here's how it works:
Connect the Artwizz Carplug with your iPod / iPhone / iPad using the cable that’s plugged into the cigarette lighter.


Technical Specifications Built-in surge protection,
Input 12 to 24 V DC
Output 5 VDC, 2.1 A

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