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Artwizz Lightning to USB (Black/White)

Artwizz Lightning to USB (Black/White)

Brand: Artwizz
Product Code: Lightning to USB (Black/White)
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Price: LKR4,500.00 Ex Tax: LKR4,500.00


With the Artwizz USB cable Lightning you can easily connect to the latest generation of the iphone, the ipad or the ipod via USB port

Synchronize, transfer data, or easily charge your device: the Artwizz Lightning to USB Cable connects to the newest devices from Apple. 

Now you can use the charging cable in the future with other devices – no matter how you turn it. The connector can be plugged to the iPhone, iPad, or iPod in either direction. The Artwizz Lightning to USB Cable is available in both black and white, so you can match your data cable to the color of your device

Artwizz Lightning to USB Cable for on-the-go, travel, and work, ...
Do you take your iPhone, iPad, or iPod with you wherever you go? Then it makes sense to keep a second cable in the car or office so you can charge your device whenever, without having to think about finding a Lightning Cable. This way you’re flexible and can charge your smartphone, table, or music player whenever.




Length 100 Cm

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