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Artwizz Scratch Stopper Anti Fingerprint for iPad Air

Artwizz Scratch Stopper Anti Fingerprint for iPad Air

Brand: Artwizz
Product Code: Scratch Stopper Anti Fingerprint for iPad Air
Availability: In Stock

Price: LKR2,700.00 Ex Tax: LKR2,700.00


This special Artwizz ScratchStopper protective film has a fat-resistant layer that makes fingerprints less visible and easier to remove. The film reduces the presence of oil and grease residues that your fingers may leave behind on the display screen. The film does not affect the usability of the iPad.
The film is matte with a slightly rubberized surface, which gives the touch screen a better grip, making it easier to use. The Artwizz ScratchStopper protects your iPad’s screen from scratches, dirt and fingerprints. The film is cut to the size of the display and covers it completely. Once applied the iPad is perfectly protected and will operate as usual.

ScratchStopper Anti-Fingerprint MATT slightly reduces the brilliance & brightness of the display.


In the Box ScratchStopper Anti-Fingerprint MATT for iPad Air (protective film for the display), Microfiber cloth

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