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Artwizz bumper for iPhone 5/5S (Black/Pink/Petrol)
Artwizz bumper for iPhone 5/5S (Black/Pink/Petrol)

Artwizz bumper for iPhone 5/5S (Black/Pink/Petrol)

Brand: Artwizz
Product Code: Artwizz bumper for iPhone 5/5S (Black/Pink/Petrol)
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Price: LKR3,500.00 Ex Tax: LKR3,500.00


Lightweight design -reliable protection! With the Artwizz Bumper, your iPhone 5/iPhone 5s is very well protected.

Protect your iPhone 5 / iPhone 5s against abrasions and scratches. The Artwizz Bumper ensures that the display and backside of your smartphone are elevated whenever you place your phone on a table or other surface. So that small scratches don’t have a chance. In addition, the frame is made of durable plastic and acts as a bumper for the sides of your iPhone 5 / iPhone 5s. A firm hold of your device in the bumper is guaranteed. And another plus: with the Artwizz Bumper you can be sure that your iPhone won’t slip on slippery or uneven surfaces. This is made possible by the soft-touch coating on the edge of the bumper, which has a non-slip property.

The Artwizz Bumper is available in dark blue, purple, black, petrol, pink, white and red as well as in neon yellow and neon green.



Specifications Raised frame prevents screen and backside from coming into direct contact with flat surfaces, Prevents slipping on flat surfaces

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