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Artwizz Rubber Clip for iPhone 5C (Black)

Artwizz Rubber Clip for iPhone 5C (Black)

Brand: Artwizz
Product Code: Rubber Clip for iPhone 5C (Black)
Availability: In Stock

Price: LKR2,700.00 Ex Tax: LKR2,700.00


Shapely protection:Artwizz Rubber Clip for the iPhone 5c

 Prevent scratches and signs on wear on your iPhone 5c with wonderful feeling protection.

Artwizz Rubber Clip is made of plastic and finished with a soft-touch coating, which provides a terrific grip. You can continue to use your phone as accustomed in everyday use.

The velvety matte soft-touch coating is what distinguishes the clip. Thanks to the coating, your smartphone sits securely in the Artwizz Rubber Clip as well as comfortably in your hand when making calls, writing emails or watching your favorite videos. Have a tendency to place your iPhone 5c face down on surfaces? No problem. The display does not come into contact with flat surfaces when in the clip.

All connections remain accessible through cutouts on the Artwizz Rubber Clip Light.

The Artwizz Rubber Clip Light for iPhone 5c mini is available in black and translucent.


Specifications Optimal protection against scratches, dirt and wear

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