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Artwizz Induction Charger for Mac Pro Magic Mouse

Artwizz Induction Charger for Mac Pro Magic Mouse

Brand: Artwizz
Product Code: Induction Charger for Mac Pro Magic Mouse
Availability: In Stock

Price: LKR8,700.00 Ex Tax: LKR8,700.00


  • Easy charging without cable (via electromagnetic induction)
  • Battery status indicator on computer
  • LED charging status indicator
  • Power supply to induction charger via USB
  • Top finished with white piano lacquer – aluminum frame
  • Anti-slip bottom

Charge the Magic Mouse-without a cable! You won't just be saving the environment. but also getting more convenience!

You can forget about replacing batteries with the Induction Charger Pro for the Magic Mouse. With its refined white piano lacquered surface and high quality aluminum, the charger matches the appearance of the Magic Mouse perfectly and charges the device quickly and easily. The product delivers quality and a purist design, giving you a tidy desk.

It’s magic! You can charge your Magic Mouse without a cable. The only thing you need is the Induction Charger Pro, which matches your iMac perfectly. To charge it, simply place the mouse on the station after work or during breaks. Afterwards your Magic Mouse will be fully charge and ready for use.

On the front of the elegant aluminum frame, there’s a built-in LED charger indictor. You can also view the charge status via the charge indictor on your computer. The non-slip bottom of the Induction Charger Pro gives the device a firm footing on slick surfaces.

Note on charge status display:
We assume compatibility with the Magic Mouse. Even though it is fully charged, the NiMH battery pack will often be displayed as 80% charged on MacBook/iMac.

*Magic Mouse isn\'t included.


Input DC 4.5-5.3V
Output 3.0 V DC/ 250 mA
Battery charging time on the iMac above 2 hours

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